PICTURES: Car washed off ford near Glaisdale - water almost covers its roof

Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team were called to assist North Yorkshire Police after a car was washed off a ford near Glaisdale on the North York Moors.

Tuesday, 19th January 2021, 5:03 pm
The Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team assess the situation - Picture: CMRT

The mountain rescue team were attending their fourth call out of the year and it was the second vehicle / flooding related incident for the team within the space of a week

A statement on the organisations website said:

“We were contacted during the afternoon by North Yorkshire Police to provide safety cover while a car which had been washed off the ford near Glaisdale was secured.

Securing the vehicle - Picture: CMRT

“The Environment Agency were concerned that the predicted heavy rain would wash the car further downstream potentially damaging other areas.

“Eight Swift-Water Rescue Technicians (SRTs) supported by three Water First Responders and one additional Team Member were deployed – the rest of the Team were on standby in case they were needed.

“A Team Land Rover was deployed together with appropriate Water and Flood Rescue equipment.

“After discussions with Police on scene it was agreed that the car would be secured to a nearby tree – the high water level meant that it was not possible to pull the car out of the river.

The team braved challenging conditions - Picture: CMRT

“The Team set up a high line, two SRTs floated across on one of our rescue sleds, passed a strop through the car and it was securely attached to the tree.

“Recovery will have to wait until water levels drop making it possible to move the car.

“Twelve Team Members were deployed on the incident plus one other co-ordinating our response remotely.

“The incident lasted approximately 3.5 hours plus time to decontaminate the vehicle & equipment and additional travelling time to return home and to Base.

Securing the vehicle - Picture: CMRT

“We would advise everyone to please take note of current weather warnings – heavy rainfall combined with some snowmelt across the hills is likely to lead to flooding in the next few days.

“Please take care on the roads and avoid crossing fords if the water level looks high. The Team is on standby to provide assistance if required.

Elizabeth Clements, Head of Natural Environment at the North York Moors National Park Authority said:

“We are concerned about the incident and the impact it has had on the sensitive nature of the River Esk, particularly the protected and endangered freshwater pearl mussels that can be found in this location.

The vehicle was almost fully submerged at one point - Picture: Dick Brew

"We understand that the Environment Agency are working to safely remove the vehicle and hope that when flood waters recede, any damage to the river habitat and the species that live there is limited.”