£757,000 package to restore bus services in North Yorkshire

Ryedale residents stand to benefit from the Government’s new £5 billion funding package to improve bus services.
MP Kevin Hollinrake.MP Kevin Hollinrake.
MP Kevin Hollinrake.

The news has been welcomed by the area’s MP Kevin Hollinrake.

He said: “I have long been an advocate of improving transport links across North Yorkshire so I shall certainly support the County Council’s bid to get our fair share so that people living in some of Ryedale’s rural areas can have better access to their local towns, get to and from work and go about their business more easily.”

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NYCC has now been told by the Department of Transport that it will receive £757,000 in the new financial year starting in April to improve existing local bus services, restore lost routes and support new services.

The county authority is now seeking bids for the money for bus services and rural mobility schemes.

Mr Hollinrake said the £5 billion fund would also help improve cycle links.

Details of the scheme will be announced in the Government’s forthcoming Comprehensive Spending Review, he added.

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“Among the initiatives it is expected to include 4,000 new zero emission buses to make greener travel the convenient option, higher frequency services including evenings and weekends.”

Also set for improvement under the scheme are simpler more affordable fares.