Remember your first day at school? Here are 35 photos of new starters at Scarborough infants and primary schools from 2002 and 2003

September means a new school year, and, for many, school for the first time!

Friday, 13th September 2019, 2:11 pm

Hopefully the little 'uns at our schools will be starting to settle in. Here's a look back at the new starters at some of our area's schools in 2002 and 2003 - see if you or your pals are featured.

Cover image: 2003: Snainton School. This image: 2003: Gladstone Road Infants reception blue.
2003: Barrowcliff Infants, Mrs Button's Class 3.
2003: Newby & Primary, Mrs Macmillan's class.
2003: Newby & Scalby, Mrs Britton's class.
2003: Brompton School, Mrs Russell with Beth-Lauren Dowdeswell, Megan Williamson, Ellie Pearce, Phillipa Jackson, Emma Blakemore and Erin Woodhead.
2003: Wykeham School, Mrs Greaves with Laura Oxley and James Wright.
2003: Northstead, class 3.
2003: Gladstone Road Infants reception yellow.
2003: Gladstone Road Infants reception green.
2003: Barrowcliff Infants, Miss Waelher's Class 9.
2003: Gladstone Road Infants reception red.
2003: Hertford Vale, Miss Kathryn Tweedale with reception red.
2003: Filey Infants, from left, George Atkinson, Anthony Donaldson, Cameron Reynolds and Natasha Scaife.
2002: Lisvane School.
2002: Barrowcliff Infants, Miss Waehler's class.
2002: Snainton School, new starters with teacher Helen Atherton (front) and Teaching Assistant Robina Kershaw.
2002: St Peter's, teacher Joanne Sykes with the morning group of new starters.
2002: Gladstone Road Infants, reception blue with teacher Anne Marr (right) and Teaching Assistant Pam Lombard.
2003: Northstead, class 1.
2002: Overdale reception class.
2003: Northstead, class 2.
2003: Lindhead, new starters with PSA Miss Bradnam and teacher Mrs Hartley.
2002: St George's, new starters with Mrs Smith and Mrs Amos.
2002: Sherburn new starters.
2002: Barrowcliff Infants, Mrs Button's class.
2002: Gladstone Road Infants reception green with teacher Janine Ward.
2002: Hinderwell School, Susan Robinson with her reception class.
2002: Hertford Vale, reception class with teacher Kathryn Tweedale.
2003: Thornton-le-Dale, new starters with form teacher Danielle Watts.
2003: St Peter's, new starters with Classroom Assistant Mrs Batters and (right) Teacher Mrs Sykes.
2002: Gladstone Road Infants reception red with teacher Elizabeth Rough-Brooks (left) and Teaching Assistant Angela Johnson.
2002: St Peter's, Joanne Sykes pictured with the afternoon new starters.
2002: Thornton Dale, reception class with teacher Danielle Watts.