Revised plans revealed for holiday accommodation near Filey

Revised plans for a holiday home development at Hunmanby have been submitted to Scarborough Council, after the initial proposal attracted scores of objections.

Tuesday, 23rd November 2021, 2:15 pm
Updated Tuesday, 23rd November 2021, 2:18 pm
Revised plans have been revealed for 65 lodge-style static caravans to be placed on land to the south of Sands Road. (Credit: Aria Resorts and EKO Custom Homes)

The new plans include 65 lodge-style caravans on land to the south of Sands Road in Hunmanby.

The plans also include erection of a reception and facilities building, featuring a cafe, swimming pool and indoor play area, construction of new vehicular access onto Sands Road, and improvements to Sands Road.

The application has been submitted by Aria Resorts and EKO Custom Homes.

Revised plans have been revealed for a new holiday accommodation site. (Credit: Aria Resorts and EKO Custom Homes)

Earlier this year, plans were submitted for 78 lodge-style caravans at the site. The application was withdrawn due to over 200 objections.

Within the revised application, it states: “This proposal has responded to the comments received during the course of the previous application, and now provides the required information.”

The revised application has 71 objections, at the time of writing.

A number of the objections highlight concerns about traffic, wildlife and noise pollution, as well as other issues.

The proposed plans are for a site on Sands Road, near Hunmanby Gap. (Credit: Google)

One objector wrote: “As an immediate neighbour to the site we will be detrimentally affected if this takes place, with traffic, noise and light pollution. It is ruining a corner of precious countryside and destroying the character of the local landscape.”

“The amount of traffic on Sands Road would increase dramatically if this development were to take place. The hedges and land that support birds and wildlife will be destroyed with the road widening and our view from our house will be of tarmac and traffic. This will have an adverse effect on our property value, which should not be allowed.”

Another objector wrote: “We have enough caravans and holiday accommodation in nearby surrounding areas without the need for more. Spoiling the area for little gain. More traffic. Pollution. Rubbish”.

Further objections comment on how the area already has a number of holiday homes, and doesn’t need more.

One objector commented saying: “ I feel that we have enough holiday camps along this part of the coast already and do not think another one would add anything to the area.”