Saint Nicholas Day celebrations at St Martin-on-the-Hill in Scarborough

Traditional Romanian Saint Nicholas Day celebrations have taken place in Scarborough

Meeting Santa
Meeting Santa

Saint Nicholas Day has been celebrated at the church of St Martin-on-the-Hill with a Saint Nicholas Grotto and other pieces of Romanian culture.

Bianca Vartic, who helped to organise the event, explained how the event helps to reinforce traditional Romanian culture. She said: “St Nicholas did good things for children, he gave shoes to those who didn’t have shoes, and put sweets in them.

“The night before Saint Nicholas, we make sure our shoes are very clean and then we get something sweet in them.

Enjoying the decorations

Scarborough has a big Romanian community, we go to church and sing carols. We pay the priest to come and bless the house. It’s really amazing.

“Saint Nicholas Day is for the kids. We gave them chocolate and a book from Hungry Little Minds and we sat together and ate together.

“The fact we all came together was really great and everyone was smiling and happy.”

Meeting Santa
Ewa Graczyk and son Ksawery await Santa.
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