Scarborough band Bear Away secure record label signing

A Scarborough band has been signed to an independent record label and is busy preparing their first album.

Bear Away is made up of Dom Brining on lead guitar and vocals, Jacob Thundercliffe on rythym guitar and lead vocals, bassist Lewis Ward and drummer James Charnock.

The foursome have been friends for years and have been in various local bands over the years before they formed Bear Away in January of last year.

Their sounds is influenced by punk, death metal and country music.

Bear Away band - From left: James, Lewis, Jacob and Dom.

They were recently signed by Engineer Records, a Kent-based label and released and EP Never In The Same Place.

They hope to record their first album in the next year.

Jacob Thundercliffe said: “I’ve dreamed of doing music full time for the last 15 years.

“I think it’s every musician’s dream to play full time, it’s more fun than real work.”

The band will not be giving up their day jobs, however, and describe getting to that point as a ‘slow process’.

The signing came about through a contact at Disillusioned Records who put them in touch with the team an Engineer Records.

Jacob continued: “Engineer like what we are doing and helped us get our our first EP. They have loads of great bands on their label and they’re so supportive.

“It’s cool to be signed but we aren’t going to quit our day jobs just yet.”

Although unable to play live currently due to the coronavirus lockdown, they have played gigs across Yorkshire including punk rock venues in Leeds, Hull and York.

In Scarborough the band enjoy playing at Indigo Alley and are booked to play Headland Festival in August, providing it goes ahead.

Being signed to a label will help their music reach a wider audience, Jacob explained.

He said: “It’s about having good contacts, which Engineer has, and we appreciate that we’re heard a lot more than any other band we have been in.”

Follow updates from the band on band's EP is available on all streaming services such as Spotify.