Scarborough Business Awards: Give a vote of thanks to your lockdown stars

Do you have someone in your life who has made a huge difference during the pandemic? If so, at the Scarborough News, we’d love to hear about them.

By Louise Perrin
Thursday, 7th October 2021, 3:27 pm
Updated Friday, 8th October 2021, 9:50 am
No Limits Foundation
No Limits Foundation

The categories at the Scarborough News Business excellence awards have this year been widened to include key workers, social care providers and members of the general public.

The closing date has been extended to October 22, so get your nominations and entries in on the business awards website now before you miss out.

Last year our Salt of the Earth feature saw us highlight those who made a real difference in the community during the pandemic.

Liam Critchett

People like Derek Bratton (pictured) went above and beyond to deliver groceries and prescriptions, ferry people to hospital appointments and even assisted with the renovation of Scarborough Hospitals A and E garden.

If you’d like to see Derek recognised for his efforts, nominate him at the Business Awards website.

Companies too went above and beyond. When it was time for businesses to re-open, Marson Brothers worked 18 hour days to ensure businesses had all the signage they needed and gave away 500 free posters emblazoned with the sign, ‘We are open for business’.

If Marson Brothers are your covid heroes, nominate them now.Or what about the No Limits Foundation? Set up by No Limits Martial Arts to help those in need in the town.

Marson Brothers

To date the foundation has raised over £50,000 on their ‘Games for Charity’ Facebook page, helping numerous local causes.

One person who has benefitted from this money is Liam Critchett, a Scarborough man who is undergoing an expensive course of treatment to learn to walk again after a spinal tumour was removed.

Liam said: “No Limits have helped raise almost £4,000 towards my treatment which costs £13,500 each year ." Most of which Liam raises on his fundraising page: said: "My therapy is going really well and I’m still progressing a lot. That’s thanks to Hannah and Michelle at No Limits.”

If you’d like to see No Limits Foundation recognised for their great work, find the nomination form on our website.

Derek Bratton

Or what about the incredible people who run our food banks? Trish Kinsella at the Rainbow Centre, Kimmie Avison at Gallows Close and Sam Taylor at Westway Open Arms.

The hours and dedication put in by both them and their staff were unsurpassed.

Find a special way to say thank you and nominate them today.

Visit and nominate the people who changed your life for the better during the pandemic now.