Scarborough police officers awarded national honours for saving man from bleeding to death and woman who was repeatedly stabbed

Three Scarborough police officers are to receive top national honours for their parts in two life-saving incidents in Scarborough.

By George Buksmann
Thursday, 28th July 2022, 11:58 am

In one incident, a woman's ex-partner slashed and stabbed her with a large kitchen knife, kicked her, and tried to strangle the woman.

In the other, a police officer saved a man, who had been "glassed" on St Thomas Street, from bleeding to death.

PC John Axcell, who saved the life of the man in St Thomas Street, PC Joe Gallagher and Special Constable George Clemitshaw, who saved the life of the woman attacked by her ex-partner, have all been awarded Royal Humane Society Certificates of Commendation.

Three Scarborough police officers will be recognised for their life-saving efforts.

The Royal Humane Society – a charity founded in London in 1774 – grants awards for life-saving acts of bravery and resuscitation.

The attack on the woman happened shortly before midnight on December 10 last year. First on the scene was PC Gallagher who found the woman, still conscious, lying on the ground, bleeding heavily and saying she could not breathe.

SC Clemitshaw then arrived and assisted with first aid for the woman who started to lose consciousness. They decided to take her to hospital in the back of their police van. She was treated for stab wounds, partially collapsed lungs, a fractured rib and a laceration to the liver.

The other incident happened in the early hours of December 18. Police had been called and told that a man had been "glassed" in a licensed premises and was bleeding heavily.

In once case, a man was saved from bleeding to death in the street.

When PC Axcell reached him the man was bleeding from the right side of his head near the temple and above his ear. Blood was squirting from the wound.

PC Axcell immediately took action to stem the bleeding and in doing so managed to prevent the man from falling unconscious or getting worse than he already was. He then accompanied the man to hospital.

Certificate of Commendation nominees must have made a significant contribution to saving a life, or an attempt, the Society said.

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