Scarborough's Rotary groups mark centenary year by planting 100 trees – and how you can help 'ambitious' £100,000 charity challenge

Scarborough’s Rotary Groups have made a strong start with the ROTARY100 project, which aims to raise £100,000 for charity in celebration of their centenary year.

By Steve Bambridge
Thursday, 6th January 2022, 12:01 pm
Pictures show The Rotary Club of Scarborough members and supporters with Saint Catherine’s staff at the tree planting.
Pictures show The Rotary Club of Scarborough members and supporters with Saint Catherine’s staff at the tree planting.

The year-long ROTARY100 project, which was launched in July, marks 100 years since the start of Rotary in Scarborough, which began in 1921.

During the year, the clubs will aim to get 100 businesses, groups and/or individuals on board with the project, each being encouraged to raise £1,000.

The proceeds will be shared between Saint Catherine’s Hospice, York & Scarborough Hospitals Charity and Scarborough YMCA, who have each identified an important project they wish to undertake to help people in the Scarborough community.

From left, Tim Boyes representing the YMCA, John Riby, Nigel Wood, Rotary secretary David Grisdale, Susan Stephenson representing Saint Catherine’s and Maya Liversidge representing York & Scarborough Hospitals Charity.

John Riby, ROTARY100 project manager, said: “We’ve raised quite a few thousand pounds so far and we also have a lot of pledges being made, so it’s been a very productive start.

“It’s an ambitious target so we need as many people as possible to step up and help contribute to the £100,000 total.”

Mr Riby explained that although it was mostly Scarborough-based businesses who had contributed so far, the fundraising project is open to anyone who would like to help, including individuals, groups and organisations.

He said: “It’s a great way to help three local charities in one go and help make a real difference to the community. The money will benefit people across all age groups and will be used locally.”

Pictures show The Rotary Club of Scarborough members and supporters with Saint Catherine’s staff at the tree planting.

The town has three Rotary groups – The Rotary Club of Scarborough, Scarborough Cavaliers and the affiliated Scarborough Inner Wheel. These have joined forces for ROTARY100 under the theme of “fun, friendship and fundraising”.

Nigel Wood, President of The Rotary Club of Scarborough, said: “We greatly appreciate the monies we have already raised but are encouraging individuals and businesses to offer their support so that we can meet our target and really make a difference to many people in Scarborough.”

Proceeds from the groups’ events during the centenary year, such as dinners and a Christmas carol service, will all go towards the ROTARY100 goal.

Planting Ceremony Marks Centenary

John Riby and Susan Stephenson, the hospice’s Communications & Marketing Manager, dig in.

To mark its centenary, the Rotary Club of Scarborough has planted 100 trees at Scarborough Rugby Club at Silver Royd.

Club members and friends planted the trees on Monday December 20, almost 100 years to the day since the Rotary Club was formed.

Club President Nigel Wood said: “This is a major milestone in the club’s history. We wanted to provide a lasting and fitting commemoration of its 100 years and what better way than to plant a 100 trees at our base in Scarborough. We have our roots in the community both metaphorically and physically.”

Rotary is an international organisation with thousands of clubs across the world. The current global emphasis on reducing carbon emissions. Addressing climate change is high on its agenda worldwide and the Scarborough Rotarians wanted to contribute to this.

Mr Wood emphasised that the planting of the trees is just one aspect of the centenary celebrations. “This forms part of a programme of events and activities to help us celebrate 100 years of existence; another is the year-long ROTARY100 project.”

The Rotary Club of Scarborough meets weekly, except on Bank Holidays, on Mondays at 6.15pm at Scarborough Rugby Union Football Club.

If you would like to find out more or get involved with ROTARY100, email [email protected]