Scarborough UFO sighting to feature on popular podcast

A UFO sighting in Scarborough will feature in an upcoming edition of a popular podcast.

Tuesday, 5th May 2020, 4:13 pm
Updated Tuesday, 5th May 2020, 4:16 pm

Chris Hughes, from Scarborough, has been interviewed by UFO Chronicles -which has over 1,700 YouTube subscribers - about what he saw 41 years ago.

He was travelling home on the evening of May 1, 1979 and was looking across towards Racecourse Hill from Queen Margaret’s Road when he saw an array of red, yellow and blue lights pulsating and floating across the sky.

“The lights were stationary and then the red light stopped flashing and very slowly moved from Racecourse Hill across the valley to the Mount area,”he said.

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“As I looked up there were three lights - blue, red and white - in a triangle formation.”

He said one of the objects turned back from the Mount and moved to join the other red light.

“The red light stayed stationary and then started pulsating again. The other object started pulsating a red colour.

“The second light suddenly rose up very, very slowly in a straight line, level with this other object.”

Chris Hughes whose UFO sighting in Scarborough will be featured on a popular podcast.

He said both objects were pulsating red and the first went back to its yellow colour.

“The second object started coming towards me. I was in the middle of nowhere so I turned my bike around and shot off.”

Mr Hughes was not alone in spotting strange lights that night, with several others contacting the Scarborough News to say they had also seen mysterious coloured beams on the same night.

The unusual sight has stayed with him and he now has his own website dedicated to UFOs and how they seem to manipulate gravity.

“My interest is in the technology,” he said.

“These objects were real and definitely not conventional aircraft or planets but craft that appeared to defy gravity.

“Since my sighting of UFOs over Scarborough, I began to develop a theory regarding how gravity operates and published these ideas to my website.”

He said the Pentagon’s release of three declassified videos of three “unexplained aerial phenomena” last month had provided more evidence that UFOs do exist.

Mr Hughes’s website can be found at