Over 80% of Scarborough UTC students receive passing grades in GCSE Maths and English.

Scarborough UTC students have far surpassed the national average for English and Maths GCSE results.

Serhii Popov and Robin Evenden with their results
Serhii Popov and Robin Evenden with their results

80.4% of Scarborough UTC students have received a passing grade in GCSE English and Maths. This far exceeds the national average of 73.6% for English and 69.2% for Maths.

Scarborough UTC Principal Lee Kilgour said: "Our GCSE students have experienced a year 10 and 11 like no other with significant disruption to their GCSE studies.

"For them to achieve the results they have makes us so proud.

Oscar Peattie, Charles Andrews and Kayden Zanelli with their results

"They have shown incredible resilience and determination to succeed and they thoroughly deserve their success.

"We are really looking forward to seeing many of them in September when they join Sixth [email protected] Scarborough UTC."

.Jake Edmondson, Jack Rowe, Aaron Boston check out their results
Holly Massey, Lucy Pashby, Shakeira Steventon, Sienna Wright delighted