What a scoop! Sleights Primary School children create two new varieties of ice cream

Children from Sleights Church of England Primary School have created, designed, promoted and advertised their own varieties of ice cream.

By Louise Perrin
Wednesday, 8th September 2021, 11:19 am
Updated Wednesday, 8th September 2021, 11:20 am
The children were delighted when the ice cream was delivered by Beacon Farm
The children were delighted when the ice cream was delivered by Beacon Farm

The project, which was undertaken as part of the school curriculum, looked at both the design and ingredients of the ice cream and the children even undertook a considerable amount of taste-testing!

Headteacher Scott Grason said: “We believe in writing for a purpose, something the children can see actually happen.

“When we came back after lockdown, we wanted to sell places as positive again and Key Stage 2 designed and made websites about key things in Whitby.

Smiles all round as the new flavours passed the taste test.

“The whole school then decided to create and design a new ice cream flavour and advertise it to people.

“The children wrote about how it would taste and Beacon Farm chose two flavours to go ahead and produce.”

The winning flavours were strawberry meringue ice cream, including delicious strawberries with crunchy sweet meringues and squidgy Haribos on top and marshmallow ice cream with Gummy Bear sprinkles.

Beacon Farm then produced the ice creams and took a big tub of each of the winning flavours for the children to enjoy on the school field in the sunshine.

Mr Grason said: “It was good for the children to see that good things do happen when you work hard.

“It was lovely to have everyone together on the field and it was a really special afternoon."