The 25 best photos from Whitby Goth Festival 2019

The annual Whitby Goth Festival took place this weekend and saw thousands of visitors descend on the seaside town.

By Rebecca Marano
Sunday, 27th October 2019, 3:35 pm
Whitby Goth Festival 2019.
Whitby Goth Festival 2019.

The hugely popular Yorkshire festival sees goths, steampunks and followers of other subcultures gather to enjoy live music, quirky fashion, beer tasting and other events. Here are 25 of the best photographs from the weekend.

James and Tracey Walker enjoy a stroll
Taking a selfie at the Whitby Goth Festival

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Sara Finnerty takes in the Whitby view
Enjoying the goth festivities.
Alicia Hepple with Elias and Nathan Timlin.
Steph and Burt Millard.
Taking in the view from West Cliff.
Will Watson and Aj Purnell enjoying a visit.
Visitors enjoy capturing the moment on their phones
Aoife Gilmoor checks the time.
People enjoying the weekend.
Capturing the memories.
Michelle Verrill strikes a pose
Orla and Alex Millard enjoy a stroll
Making the most of the day.
Climbing the stairs to Whitby Abbey.
A woman enjoying the festival.
Taking selfies to capture the day.
Visitors in masks for the festival.
Having a laugh.
Taking a break from the day.
More visitors to the goth festival.
Climbing the stairs.
At St Mary's Church.
A dog walker sees a woman taking a beak from the festivities.