The by-election to fill Bridlington North Ward seat – find out more about the five candidates here

Five candidates have entered the race to fill a vacant East Riding Council seat in Bridlington ahead of a by-election later this month.
The Conservative Party candidate Jonathan Bibb.The Conservative Party candidate Jonathan Bibb.
The Conservative Party candidate Jonathan Bibb.

Labour, the Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats, the Yorkshire Party and the Social Democratic Party are all fielding candidates in the Bridlington North by-election, set for Thursday, June 30.

The by-election comes after the death of Cllr Chad Chadwick of liver cancer in April.

The councillor died aged 79 and was first elected in 1991.

Labour Party candidate David Butland.Labour Party candidate David Butland.
Labour Party candidate David Butland.
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Jonathan Bibb is standing for the Conservatives in their bid to hold the seat on East Riding Council. David Butland is standing for the Labour Party, Jayne Phoenix for the Liberal Democrats, Kimberley Thomas for the Yorkshire Party and Carlo Verda for the Social Democratic Party.

Jonathan Bibb (Conservative Party)

Mr Bibb said: “I am Jonathan Bibb, the Conservative Party Candidate for Bridlington North at the upcoming by-election on Thursday, June 30.

“Firstly, I’d like to thank Cllr Chad Chadwick, whose sad passing has triggered this election, for all the work he did for out town and villages, we will greatly miss him.

Liberal Democrats candidate Jayne Phoenix.Liberal Democrats candidate Jayne Phoenix.
Liberal Democrats candidate Jayne Phoenix.

“I have lived in Bridlington for more than 13 years, and feel lucky to have been welcomed into such a warm community in such a beautiful area. I am very much a family man, and am passionate about helping young people, with a daughter attending Bay Primary School.

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“I am self-employed as a sole trader in antiques and collectibles, and as a personal trainer. From that you can probably tell I am very keen to preserve beautiful old things, like our fantastic heritage coast, and improve public health in our town.

“If I am fortunate enough to be elected to East Riding Council, I guarantee a strong voice for Bridlington, Sewerby and Flamborough, and pledge to work hard for you; addressing the needs of our community and area will be my number one priority.”

David Butland (Labour Party)

Yorkshire Party candidate Kimberley Thomas.Yorkshire Party candidate Kimberley Thomas.
Yorkshire Party candidate Kimberley Thomas.

He said: “I have worked all my life in science and engineering research. Engineers are the best people in the world.

“They fix problems – and we have got problems.

“Problems with Bridlington Hospital – the services are withering away. The people who work there are terrific but the system is flawed.

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“Problems getting to the hospital –try getting to hospital if you do not have a car.

Social Democratic Party candidate Carlo Verda.Social Democratic Party candidate Carlo Verda.
Social Democratic Party candidate Carlo Verda.

“The people in charge have not realised that most residents who need to attend the hospital are not fit. A simple mistake to make if your first objective is to make money.

“Problems with foot paths – I spent my wife’s last three years pushing her in a wheelchair all over Bridlington. We went miles each day. However, Bridlington includes no-go areas for wheelchairs. Uneven paths, illegal parking, careless detours.

“We can solve this – identify the problems and push and push and push until they are addressed. Here is an offer you cannot refuse… I will personally push someone in Bridlington North each Sunday afternoon for a year.

“We will identify the problems and get them fixed.

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“Let the people who make the decisions experience the problems.”

Jayne Phoenix (Liberal Democrats)

Jayne is a resident of Queensgate. She moved to Bridlington from Sheffield with her partner to make a fresh start after the first lockdown severely affected their catering business.

Jayne has a background in the caring professions, including supporting redundant coal and steel workers and helping people with autism and mental health problems.

She said: “Of all the places in the world to make a new start, I couldn’t think of anywhere more perfect than Bridlington. I have so many happy memories of coming here on day trips as a child with my Mum and Dad.

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“I adored the beach and the cliff top walks towards Sewerby and Flamborough.

“I am just so happy to know that Bridlington is where I am going to spend my retirement years, and to represent local residents on the East Riding of Yorkshire Council would be one of the greatest privileges of my life.

“Everyone has given me such a wonderful welcome.

“Now that I am settled in the town that I have always loved, I feel that being an East Riding councillor can help me to really support local people and fight for the better health services that Bridlington folk so richly deserve.”

Kimberley Thomas (Yorkshire Party)

Kimberley said: “I live in Bridlington with husband and family. We run successful local businesses, offering affordable rental properties to families which are desperately needed.

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“There is a housing crisis in Bridlington with family homes being bought by investors to be redeveloped into flats or holiday homes. It is vital for our community that there is a better balance of family-sized rental and purchasable accommodation.

“During the pandemic I created the Coronavirus Resource List to enable food and support to be accessible to all and I was named Bridlington Town Hero. I was blessed by seeing people supported and feel that they were not alone.

“I want to ensure, working with Humberside Police Community Advisory Group, that Violence against Women and Girls is stamped out.

“I will fight for the proper use of Bridlington Hospital, continuous investment in the Lobster and fishing industry to ensure that Bridlington is recognised as the Lobster capital of Europe and of course climate change and biodiversity which are the biggest threats to our way of life.

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“If elected for Bridlington North I will be a straight-talking councillor fighting for a better Bridlington and a stronger Yorkshire in a fairer United Kingdom.”

Carlo Verda (Social Democratic Party)

Carlo said: “One of the things I’ve picked up from customers over the last few years is that local fishermen have been shafted by the Brexit trade deal.

“What adds spice to the contest is that the SDP and the Lib Dems hold opposing views on leaving the EU.

“The SDP campaigned to leave, whist the Lib Dems want to re-join the EU.”

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William Clouston, the SDP Leader added: “On the doorstep we’re picking that the EU is still a live issue in Bridlington. It’s hardly surprising given the town’s history.

“The SDP demands that the fishing element of the trade deal is renegotiated in favour of traditional fishing towns like Bridlington.

“We in the SDP campaigned vigorously to leave the EU. One of the benefits of Brexit should have been boosting our own fishing fleet by restricting foreign boats in UK waters as we were promised.

“Instead, the Government negotiated a Brexit trade deal with the EU that allows their boats to fish almost as if we’re still in the EU. The Government could hardly have struck a worse deal for Britain’s coastal communities and fishing industry.”