This is what you think about the future of car cruising events in Scarborough

A previous Static Royals event in Scarborough.A previous Static Royals event in Scarborough.
A previous Static Royals event in Scarborough.
Yesterday we published news that Scarborough Council is holding a consultation on whether to extend a ban on car cruising events from being held on Scarborough’s seafront.

The council is inviting people to give their feedback on the Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) which was adopted in 2018 following a number of incidents in past years.

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Car cruises have been a common sight on the seafront for many years but relations between the clubs and North Yorkshire Police and Scarborough Council soured in 2017 after £50,000 worth of damage was caused to Royal Albert Drive following an event.

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The then newly resurfaced road was left shredded with melted rubber stuck to the tarmac near the Oasis Cafe after a driver “burnt out” their tyres, the driver was later prosecuted.

The following year the PSPO was brought in and cruises have since been banned.

In response to the story Gemma Colling said: "It’s supposed to be about inclusion not exclusion these days! Not every car hobbiest is out to ruin the tarmac and drive illegally - don’t let the actions of a couple thoughtless people ruin it for others who take pride in their vehicles and want to show them off responsibly!"

Other readers pointed out that other large scale events were still being allowed to happen on the seafront, such as the Goldwing light parade.

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Stephen Eblet said: "Are the council going to ban the Tour de Yorkshire, the Goldwing light parade, the shrove Tuesday skipping? No? Then work with these young people and stop being fuddy duddies. Laws are in place to punish offenders and those that break the law and spoil the party."

Paul Broadbent added: "Goldwing motorcycles allowed in town, Pride and joy cars banned? Why not work with them? Give them the massive field at [the] old indoor pool. Charge £3 per car and make it an event."

The idea of making such events ticketed and more formal was brought up by several people.

Kathy Starling said: "It's going to happen anyway so why not charge a little towards policing and any damage caused by the irresponsible few."

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Wayne Carter said: "Not in town but up [at] Oliver's Mount and make a proper cars show weekend with music ect."

Another common theme was the income such events could generate for other business in the town.

Matthew Aldred said: "The council should work with them to make this a regular event that is run safely and with security and management if needed it would bring new people to the town and we need forward thinking ideas to regenerate our offer. As a tourist destination many of our local jobs and businesses rely on tourism but look at what has been stripped in recent years alone from the north bay?! New ideas are needed and could generate a lot for the town."

Clive Murray explained: "Anyone who knows me knows I’ve had a lifetime of such car event experiences. There’s fun to be had money to be made and promotion of the location to be used to advantage, every crowd scenario will have a couple of mindless idiots, best to work with such events, police closely and nail anyone causing damage or driving dangerously hold them financially responsible and remove or penalty their license. I wish this event every success.

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It seems the car cruises are well thought of by the majority of our readers.

Jessica April said: "I lived in Scarborough all my life and always attended these car meets and absolutely loved them! I have in most recent years moved away down south but I would love to come back to Scarborough for a car meet. I was very saddened when they stopped these happening and it’s a great way to admire peoples works of art, catch up with old friends and relive your youth."

Christine Harper added: "Yes! Love looking at the different types of cars and real enthusiasts put a lot of work and money into their cars!"

However, Jane Blackie stated that such events need proper organisation to avoid future issues.

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She said: "If it's properly organised and policed or with security there and they have to stay in one place then fine. But if they are going to be allowed to do whatever they want, then no."