Tips for Yorkshire coast dog owners on Bonfire Night

With fireworks night fast approaching, dog owners are being offered tips on how to avoid a lot of stress and worry for their four-legged friends.

By Duncan Atkins
Wednesday, 20th October 2021, 10:45 am
Updated Wednesday, 20th October 2021, 10:46 am

Whether you’ve had your dog for a long time or you are one of the many people to have adopted a pandemic puppy, this advice will save you a lot of anxiety about your beloved pooch.

Many dogs suffer on fireworks nights - here, experts from Treat Your Dog give their best and brightest advice for dog owners.

Tip 1 - Mask the noises and sounds

TreatYourDog have some top tips for dog owners to keep their dogs safe and comfortable on Bonfire Night.

Keeping the curtains and windows closed can help to lower the effects of the sounds and visuals of the fireworks on your dog.

It is also important to mask the noises with calmer sounds, such as the TV, the radio or even calming audio for dogs.

If you decide to go out to a fireworks display, you must leave your dog at home and make sure you keep the TV, radio or calming audio on.

Tip 2 - Distraction

Sometimes your dog can be easily distracted from the fireworks with a food puzzle.

Some challenging food puzzle toys can keep your dog distracted for a couple of hours whilst they dig for whatever treats or food you decide to reward them with.

This will distract them long enough for the fireworks display to take its course.

Tip 3 - Desensitisation and sound familiarisation

A helpful method is to train your dog to be desensitised towards distressing sounds.

Using training sounds can help to ease your dog into becoming familiar with the sounds associated with distressing situations such as fireworks.

Tip 4 - Build a safe space (Extra tip, add an item of your clothing)

Sometimes allowing your dog to hide and feel safe is the best way to calm them down.

Forcing your dog out of their safe space can increase their stress and cause further discomfort.

DO NOT restrict your dog to a single room, if they do not want to be in that room, they will become even more uncomfortable.

Let them choose their safe space.

Tip 5 - Ensure they are microchipped/wearing a tag

In the unfortunate situation that your dog makes a run for it due to its high levels of stress, your dog must be microchipped and wearing a tag.

This will allow you to find your dog easily and make sure that they are safe.

Tip 6 - Pandemic Puppies

With most large fireworks events cancelled during lockdown 2 last year, this is the first year since the pandemic that local firework displays will be back up and running.

Throughout the pandemic, we saw a spike of dog owners and many of you may not have experienced a loud fireworks display since you increased the size of your family with your furry friend.

If you live close to a big display, pay extra caution as the volume and significance of the fireworks will take a bigger toll on your dog.

The Founder of Heather Hiley said: “It is important that we show our dogs the care and love that they show us.

"With the spike in dog owners, especially puppies, throughout the pandemic, many of you haven’t seen how much fireworks can affect your dog.

"Stress can increase dramatically for dogs and being ready and prepared can make all the difference."

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