Warning to Whitby dog owners following spate of jellyfish stings

A Whitby vets has issued a warning to dog owners following a spate of jellyfish stings.

Thursday, 26th August 2021, 3:08 pm
Updated Thursday, 26th August 2021, 3:10 pm

Posting on their Facebook page, The Beck Veterinary Practice, said: “In the last few weeks we have seen numerous dogs with jellyfish stings to the face, or for trying to eat one.

“The jellyfish we are seeing at the moment are present in large numbers in warm waters, and are mostly clear with red/orange centres.

“Please watch your dogs carefully on the beach, and make sure to pull them away from an jellyfish, or leftover food or dog faeces.

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Barbara Caldwell's picture of a Lions Mane jellyfish off Sandsend.

“Signs your dog may have encountered one include vomiting, wretching, drinking excessively, licking the ground and pawing and the mouth

“If you think your dog has been in contact with a jellyfish, please call the vet immediately.”

Barbara Caldwell, a member of Whitby Wild Swimmers, took the photo, above, of the Lion’s Mane jellyfish while swimming at Sandsend.

She is also advising others to be careful.

“It was pretty shallow so it could possibly get people who are less aware of the danger,” she said.

“It is worth warning people as we were only waist deep when we saw it.

"Some of us are now swimming in leggings to avoid skin contact.”

The Lion’s Mane jellyfish uses its stinging tentacles to capture, pull in, and eat prey such as fish, zooplankton, sea creatures, and smaller jellyfish.