What are the best things about Yorkshire? Locals share their favourite things about the region ahead of Yorkshire Day 2023 including the people, humour and scenery of the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors

The people of Yorkshire are patriotic and with good reason - we asked you what the best things about Yorkshire are and here are your answers.
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Yorkshire Day is an annual celebration of all things Yorkshire to highlight the historic region and is an opportunity to honour aspects of the region that make it a tourist attraction.

The day was first celebrated by the Yorkshire Ridings Society in 1975, originally in Beverley, as a ‘protest movement against the local government re-organisation of 1974’.

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But the intent behind the commemoration of Yorkshire has changed over the years, now people look to celebrate everything that makes Yorkshire special. We asked you what the best things are about Yorkshire and while most of you cried out: “Everything”, many of you had something more specific to say.

Man waves the Yorkshire flag. (Pic credit: Bryn Lennon / Getty Images)Man waves the Yorkshire flag. (Pic credit: Bryn Lennon / Getty Images)
Man waves the Yorkshire flag. (Pic credit: Bryn Lennon / Getty Images)

Best things about Yorkshire according to locals

“Everything about Yorkshire is brilliant, it's the best county in the whole of the UK and my favourite place is Robin Hoods Bay. Yorkshire born and bred and very very proud.” - Tony Ineson

“The lovely scenery and pretty villages. I grew up in Leeds and my dad was a huge fan of the Dales - we would often go for day trips on weekends.” - Joan March

“Everything. People, food, landscape, history. Deep in my bones that’s for sure.” - Sharon Hope

Welcome to Yorkshire flags. (Pic credit: Bruce Rollinson)Welcome to Yorkshire flags. (Pic credit: Bruce Rollinson)
Welcome to Yorkshire flags. (Pic credit: Bruce Rollinson)
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“The beautiful countryside and the gorgeous Yorkshire coast.” - Carole Fowler

“Absolutely everything.” - Jinny Lyn

“When people ask me where are you from and I say Yorkshire, so proud of my county.” - Julia Makepeace

“The people, the scenery, the coast and the moors. Proud to have been born there, and a regular visitor now.” - Julia Stavordale

“The Dales.” - Andrea Colwill

“Beer! People, friendliness!” - John Berry

“The people and the beautiful countryside.” - Jean Heap

“Scenery and the Dales.” - Anne Gallagher

“The countryside.” - Steve Drewry

“My family who live there.” - Jo Newby

“Yorkshire Pudding.” - Sandra Jean Edward

“The people, the countryside, the towns and cities, everything.” - Vivienne Nolan

“Tea and the views.” - Christine Beebee

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“How much time have you got? The list is endless.” - Michael Booker

“The people.” - Catherine Elizabeth

“It's God's Own Country; the most beautiful amazing place to ever be, give me yorkshire over anywhere abroad. Proud to be from the Yorkshire Dales.” - Heidi Allan Gilmore

“Most of the people, the countryside, the food, the sense of humour.” - Lisa Gavin Donaldson

“The fantastic, life saving Yorkshire Air Ambulance Charity.” - Keiron N Hardwick

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“Scenery, people, fish and chips, love the dales and moors.” - Val Malcolm

“I was born in Whitby, and have been living in Australia for 50 years. I would have to say Yorkshire pudding and pork pies and mushy peas. I remember travelling across the Moors when all the purple heather was out, I was 11 when we migrated to Australia.” - Deb Barker

“Yorkshire puddings and good ol Yorkshire folk.” - Ruth Greenwood

“Everything and York minster.” - Margaret Hill

“I have mentioned the top of Sutton Bank before? The views are so pleasant ...and there is a lovely lake as well” - Len Worley

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“Just got back from a holiday in Nidderdale. Love all the Yorkshire Dales and Brimham rocks is something very special.” - Val Brown

“The people. I am Irish but I love living in Leeds.” - Nuala Grimshaw

“Born and bred in Yorkshire, from the coast to the boundary with Lancashire, no better place.” - Jill Marsh

“Yorkshire humour.” - Chris Dalton

“James Martin!” - Lynn Basso

“Stanhope to Brough on a motorbike.” - Christopher Houghton

“Countryside and good old Yorkshire banter over a coldie.” - Jack Huff

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“Scenery, comradeship with people definitely fish n chips and parkin.” - Sue Anderson

“People, scenery, food, ale and the fact it's now home.” - Sonia Limm

“People Scenery. Dales moors Wolds. Yorkshire Pudding and Fish and chips with Mushy Peas!!” - Julia Collins

“Fish and chips, Yorkshire Dales, People, Henderson's Relish!!!” - Lynda Kent

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“Wonderful countryside and not very far to either coast, the Lakes too.” - Frances Elaine Pitt

“Betty’s.” - Charles Kerruish

“James Herriot - loved the windswept hill tops.” - Debbie Cooke Rugen

“Can’t just think of one thing as Yorkshire is so special…” - Margaret Hassall

“It's got character.” - Janet Elizabeth Pearson

“It's looking to the future while facing its past. The rich heritage. The phoenix nature of the City.” - Vallentyne Mazorodze

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“The diversity. It has everything: Rolling hills Rugged coastline Industrial landscapes Historical buildings Beautiful scenery Proud history Great venues Great food Great Beer The best honest down to earth no nonsense people who are warm and welcoming.” - Anne Booth

“Whitby.” - Robin Gilbert

“The geology. All the best geological periods and rock types!.” - Graham Bradley

“The bakeries and cafes. Never seen so many in small towns.” - Christine Young

“The people and geography, not to mention the history.” - Alan Eklid