What we know about the Sandside screenings of BBC sitcom Scarborough's last episode

Credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron
Credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron

The concluding episode of the BBC sitcom 'Scarborough' will air on TV this evening at 9.30pm.

Mystery built around the town yesterday after teasers of where the final episode would be screened in Scarborough appeared on the programme's Twitter feed.

A series of tweets were posted on the Scarborough Twitter account, run by writer and director Derren Litten and his personal assistant Jo, stating: "Something curious is happening in Scarborough... Scarborians, have you noticed posters popping up all along the South Bay? It implies lots of businesses are showing the last episode of Scarborough - but not all have TVs. Strange....."

It was followed by another tweet, accompanied by an image of barriers, stating: "Watch it here... But where?? And what are those barriers for?"

It was later revealed that, in celebration of the final episode, Derren and "special guests" will be heading to Sandside for a "party".

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It was revealed last month that Derren, who lives near Benidorm - the location and name of his previous hit show - had booked flights to Leeds Bradford Airport to reunite with Scarborough locals in the pub for the last episode of the series.

It is thought he is flying back to Yorkshire today and will visit Scarborough for the screening of the final episode.

As mystery built around the town, Derren posted on his posted on his personal Twitter account: "I’m probably not even supposed to say this but.... Scarborough we are having a party, music, karaoke, curry pies, special guests (including ME) and the last episode showed on a big screen. But I can’t tell you where; you’ll have to do the rest yourself.... CLUE: Edisdnas"

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The final episode is set to be screened at Sandside venues including The Newcastle Packet, Mutiny Bar and Kitchen and The Anchor Fish and Chips.

The Newcastle Packet was featured in the series, in which it was renamed The Good Ship.

The final episode will feature Scarborough music legend Danny Wilde.

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Derren added: "Yes, you guessed it, episode six is going to be shown in The Newcastle Packet (aka The Good Ship), Sandside, Scarborough. Just as they have supported us and showed epsiodes one to five over the last weeks."

There were plans to show the last episode on a big outdoor screen on Sandside, but the potential size of crowd may have made that unfeasible.