Whitby's Pier extension closure after anglers continued to fish despite being in danger

Yesterday afternoon, staff from Whitby Harbour decide to close the pier extension following advice from the Coastguard.

By Jade McElwee
Friday, 2nd August 2019, 9:18 am
Picture by Richard Ponter
Picture by Richard Ponter

Whitby Coastguard Team were called out at 4.30pm to offer safety advice to a number of people on the West Pier.

A spokesperson said: "Upon arrival at the scene, Coastguards found a number of anglers on the lower level of the West Pier.

"Sea conditions had been deteriorating since mid afternoon prior to the arrival of High Water. Some waves had begun to overtop the lower level of the Pier but a number of anglers continued to fish there, despite now being in some danger."

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Following issuing safety advice the team liaised with staff at the harbour it was agreed to close the Pier extension to the public as a precaution against any further incidents.

Coastguards assisted with clearing members of the public from the Pier.

"If fishing from the Piers, check prevailing weather conditions and consider where it is safe for you to be - when the storm gate is closed, it is closed for your safety.

"Even a small wave can wash you off you feet and into the sea. Ensure that you have a means of raising the alarm if anything goes wrong and please do not cast across the Harbour mouth where you will endanger passing marine traffic. Finally, if the worst does happen and you or someone you see gets into difficulty, call 999 straight away and ask for the Coastguard," the Coastguard added.