Plans lodged for 1,400 new homes in Scarborough

Plans to build 1,400 new homes in Scarborough have moved forward after the initial plans were lodged with the borough council.

The proposal is designed to meet the need for housing in what Scarborough Council has called “Strategic Growth Area”, a 131-hectare parcel of land located to the east of Scarborough Business Park and south of Cayton and Eastfield.

Following a public information day last month, Persimmon Homes has now lodged a scoping report for the scheme with the council.

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The purpose of the report is to get feedback from the planning authority on the viability of the scheme. The housebuilder has also submitted full plans for the first 300 homes to be built as part of the project.

The report has set out stages of the development and how it could look if it gets planning permission in the future.

The scoping report states: “The buildings within the development would be predominantly two-storey and two-and-a-half-storey with the potential for some three-storey elements.”

As well as the homes, a school and shops are also proposed.

The report adds: “The proposals involve the development of the site to accommodate around 1,400 residential dwellings, including a school and a local centre.

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“The primary access to the site will be via Cayton Low Road to the north, with a secondary access expected to be provided via the adjacent Scarborough Business Park to the west as part of a future phase of the development. ”

As part of the planning process, the impact of traffic on the A64 and the surrounding roads will also be examined.

Impact on traffic on roads and A64 will be considered as part of the application.

Data collected in 2017 showed that on the A64 between the Dunslow

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Road roundabout and the B1261 on an average day there were 12,088 travelling either east or west.

The expected extra traffic caused by 1,400 homes will be factored into a traffic report in the future.

If approved it will be the second large-scale development in the area with 1,350 homes under construction at the nearby Middle Deepdale site.

The outcome of a scoping report has no impact on any future planning application’s success or failure as the final decision will come down to borough councillors.