Plans submitted to bring a Japanese cafe to Scarborough

Plans for a Japanese cafe in ScarboroughPlans for a Japanese cafe in Scarborough
Plans for a Japanese cafe in Scarborough
A new Japanese café is hoping to bring the look of Scarborough's main shopping strip to life '“ quite literally.

Applicant Paul Jackson has submitted plans to Scarborough Council to transform 10 Westborough into a feature to the town centre with a grass wall and even a fish tank facing the high street.

The building, which most recently Season’s of Scarborough, would become the Japanese-themed café under Mr Jackson’s idea.

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In the planning statement, it sheds some light on the as-yet-unnamed cafe’s look.

It states: “The main external alteration is to replace the existing shop front and wall above with a living wall.

“This requires that a new structural wall be erected 225mm back from the existing front face of the front elevation to allow for the thickness of the living wall and its support structure. The planting will have a Japanese theme to match the theme of the café.

“A ‘fish window’ is proposed to be inserted into the living wall. This is, in essence, a feature fish tank ( holding koi carp to match the Japanese theme ) that provides a focal point and some visual interest to match the main theme of the café.

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“The tank protrudes both inside and outside of the building as per the proposed sectional drawing. The tank duals as a window and may or may not contain real fish depending on the practicality/feasibility after seeking specialist advice re the well being of said fish.”

The report adds: “The proposed architectural treatment to the proposed front elevation represents a colourful and unusual solution that may lift what some may see is a ‘flagging’ high street. It adds to rather than detracts from the varied street scene.”

The plans are now out to consultation.