Controversial plan for zip wire ride over beach and sea in Whitby is dropped

A controversial idea to install a zip wire ride over the beach and sea in Whitby has been dropped after Scarborough Council said it could not support the plans.

The proposal, which had drawn criticism from local groups, one of which branded it “awful” and “crass”, would have taken thrill-seekers 300m from the town’s West Cliff to a landing spot in front of the lighthouse on the West Pier.

Barnsley-based Big Bang Promotions had approached Scarborough Council about its plan to install the two lines in time for the summer season when the coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

The council consulted with local groups and had received in return a number of objections, including one from Whitby Town Council.

The proposed launch areas of the zip wire.

John Freeman, chairman of the Whitby and District Tourism Association, called the proposal an “awful idea”.

He said: “I find it amazing that anyone could even think of such a crass idea.

“It is totally out of keeping with the image Whitby wishes to project.

"We are not Blackpool or Scarborough and certainly do not want to go down that road.”

The proposed zip wire would have gone from the West Cliff to the west pier.

Today, Scarborough Council has confirmed that it had told the company it does not want to proceed any further with the idea.

Nick Edwards, Scarborough Borough Council director said: “After considering the pros and cons of a temporary dual line zip wire in Whitby and taking into consideration the sensitive nature of the proposed location between the West Cliff and West Pier, together with the views of key stakeholder organisations in the town, we have decided not to pursue the proposal further.

“We have informed Big Bang Promotions of our decision.

“If the company wishes to consider an alternative location for the attraction elsewhere in the borough, we would be open to reviewing their ideas.”

Big Bang Promotions has been approached for comment.