Councillors 'should take urgent look' at lack of footpath on The Carrs near Whitby

Councillors are calling for a footpath to plug a mile-long gap on a route near Whitby after concerns for pedestrians’ safety.

Monday, 24th May 2021, 10:21 am
Updated Monday, 24th May 2021, 10:24 am

Clive Pearson and Joe Plant are asking North Yorkshire County Council to take an urgent look at the lack of footway on The Carrs between Briggswath and Ruswarp.

They say it is clear from walking along the side of the road themselves that having to use a grass verge is putting pedestrians at risk.

Cllr Pearson, who represents Esk Valley on the council, said he has had requests for a footpath there from residents and Eskdaleside cum Ugglebarnby Parish Council.

Councillors Clive Pearson and Joe Plant at the Briggswath end of The Carrs.

“There have been calls for a footway for many years and nothing has been done about it,” he said.

“There are businesses and residential homes along The Carrs, with bus stops along the route.

"There is also a caravan park in use from May.

“Road safety is a priority not only for vehicle drivers but for the public who walk along the grass verge.

“There has been an accident involving a pedestrian not long ago and the quicker we install a footway the better for everyone's safety.

“Other areas have and are having footways installed or upgraded, I now think this is an opportunity to deliver a must-needed footway in this part of the rural area.”

Having suffered two cardiac events in the last 18 months, Cllr Plant, who sits on the county council for Whitby Streonshalh, said he knows how important exercise is for everyone's physical health, as well as mental wellbeing.

“More people are walking, jogging and cycling on this route and now we have a great opportunity to connect Sleights, Ruswarp and Whitby, with safety in mind,” he said.

“A four-mile stretch of a scenic route - what better way to help you with your physical and mental health wellbeing?

"The Government talks about levelling up and connectivity, well here is a prime example, so let’s get it done!”

The councillors say North Yorkshire County Council officers have told them there are some complex challenges with delivering the scheme, which add to the cost and timescales, but they would support it subject to appropriate funding grants being made available and in line with the county council’s prioritisation process.