Installation of electronic bird deterrent system in Scarborough town centre approved

The installation of an electronic bird deterrent system on a prominent Scarborough town centre building has been approved.
Barclays bank, Scarborough. 
picture: Google Maps.Barclays bank, Scarborough. 
picture: Google Maps.
Barclays bank, Scarborough. picture: Google Maps.

North Yorkshire Council said the materials used were “not complementary” but hoped that reduced bird waste would “improve the function and appearance of the high street.”

The system will be installed on Barclays Bank, on Newborough, along the building’s roofline and window sills and lintels on the east and north elevations of the site.

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Planning officers said that the late-Victorian era building “contributes positively to the appearance of the area” and considered the impact of the development on the town’s conservation area.

No objections to the plan were raised by the authority’s environmental health team and no representations were received from members of the public.

While not objecting to the proposal, the council’s ecologist noted that work to remove “redundant pigeon nests and nesting material” should be undertaken “out of bird nesting season unless the appropriate licence has been obtained by Natural England”.

The planning authority said that the proposed materials could not be considered complementary to the building but that it “appreciated” the need for the intervention.

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It added that the chosen deterrent system was considered preferable to “alternative deterrent methods such as bird spikes which are considered to harm the appearance of the host building”.

Planning officers also said that as the deterrent “would prevent bird waste from damaging the building further” the proposal would have “a positive impact on the character and appearance of the building” and constituted a public benefit.

The plan was approved by the council subject to conditions.