Here are the candidates standing for Scarborough Borough Council in the May election

The names of those people standing for election to Scarborough Borough Council in May’s local election have been revealed.

By Carl Gavaghan, Local Democracy Reporting Service
Thursday, 4th April 2019, 3:58 pm
Updated Thursday, 4th April 2019, 4:04 pm
Scarborough Town Hall
Scarborough Town Hall

In total, 46 councillors will represent 20 wards on Scarborough Council, a reduction from 50 councillors and 25 wards four years ago.

All the major parties are represented with the Conservatives fielding 35 candidates, Labour 31, UKIP 18, The Green Party 11 and four from the Liberal Democrats.

There are a total of 24 independent candidates and one from the Yorkshire Party.

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Notable councillors who have chosen not to stand again include outgoing Mayor Cllr Joe Plant (Con), both current Green Party councillors Dilys Cluer and Mark Vesey, and Cllr Vanda Inman, who left the Labour Party after breaking party ranks and voting to demolish the Futurist Theatre in 2017, a vote which was passed 21 to 20.

The elections will be held on May 2 with the results for Scarborough borough counted and announced the following day.

The candidates are:Burniston and Cloughton Ward (one seat)Andrew Backhouse – Conservative PartyMoira Cunningham – Labour PartyBeverley Kristensen – UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Castle Ward (three seats)Deirdre Abbott – UK Independence Party (UKIP)Alex Bailey – Labour PartyAnthony Gibson – Conservative PartyJanet Jefferson – IndependentDavid King – Green PartyCarl Maw – Labour Party

Cayton Ward (two seats)Colin Barnes – Labour PartySimon Green – Conservative PartyRoberta Swiers – Conservative Party

Danby and Mulgrave Ward (two seats)Adrian Clarkson – UK Independence Party (UKIP)Amanda Daynes – Labour PartySandra Gibson – UK Independence Party (UKIP)Margaret Jackson – Green PartyClive Pearson – Conservative PartyHero Sumner – IndependentMarion Watson – Conservative Party

Derwent Valley and Moor Ward (two seats)David Billing – Labour PartyDavid Jeffels – Conservative PartyMagnus Johnson – Green PartyRobert Lockwood – Liberal DemocratsHeather Phillips – Conservative PartyPhil Spruce – UK Independence Party (UKIP)Frank Wright – Independent

Eastfield Ward (three seats)Joanne Maw – Labour PartyPaul McCann – UK Independence Party (UKIP)Theresa Norton – Labour PartyTony Randerson – Labour PartyJohn White – Conservative Party

Esk Valley Ward (two seats)Peter Bolton – Labour PartyGuy Coulson – Conservative PartyPhilip Michulitis – UK Independence Party (UKIP)Phil Trumper – Conservative Party

Falsgrave and Stepney Ward (three seats)Alix Bartlett Cook – Liberal DemocratsLiz Colling – Labour PartyWill Forbes – Green PartyMark Gordon – Labour PartySean Hunter – IndependentSally Anne Longden – UK Independence Party (UKIP)Tracey Reeves – Conservative PartyColin Relph – IndependentNeil Robinson – Green PartyRichard Thompson – Conservative Party

Filey Ward (three seats)John Casey – IndependentMike Cockerill – IndependentBob Colling – Labour PartySam Cross – IndependentColin Haddington – IndependentJacqui Houlden-Banks – IndependentTerry Parkinson – Conservative PartyJanine Robinson – UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Fylingdales and Ravenscar Ward (one seat)Keith Jeffery – Labour PartyStephen Mayall – UK Independence Party (UKIP)Jane Mortimer – Conservative Party

Hunmanby Ward (two seats)Godfrey Allanson – Conservative PartyMichelle Donohue-Moncrieff – IndependentPaul Riley – IndependentTom Seston – Conservative PartyMartin Whittle – Labour Party

Mayfield Ward (two seats)David Chance – Conservative PartyGerald Dennett – Labour PartyGlenn Goodberry – Conservative PartyAaron Jones – UK Independence Party (UKIP)Asa Jones – Labour Party

Newby Ward (three seats)Lynn Bastiman – Conservative PartyNick Henderson – IndependentNeil Heritage – UK Independence Party (UKIP)Andrew Jenkinson – Conservative PartyHelen Kindness – Green PartyEileen Murphy – IndependentSubash Sharma – Labour Party

Northstead Ward (three seats)John Atkinson – IndependentEric Broadbent – Labour PartyNorman Murphy – IndependentGabrielle Naptali – Green PartyYvonne Pattison – Labour PartyNeil Price – Labour PartyGuy Smith – IndependentMartin Smith – Conservative PartyTim Thorne – UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Scalby Ward (two seats)Derek Bastiman – Conservative PartyTina Davy – Labour PartySara Fenander – Green PartyMark Harland – UK Independence Party (UKIP)Hazel Lynskey – Conservative Party

Seamer Ward (two seats)Colin Challen – Labour PartyBob Jackman – Liberal DemocratsHelen Mallory – Conservative PartyRoxanne Murphy – IndependentMark Phillips – Conservative PartyZoë Sinclair – UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Streonshalh Ward (two seats)Stewart Campbell – Labour PartyMichael Harrison – UK Independence Party (UKIP)Michael Stonehouse – Labour PartySandra Turner – Conservative PartyLinda Wild – Conservative Party

Weaponness and Ramshill Ward (three seats)Stuart Abbott – UK Independence Party (UKIP)Charlotte Bonner – Green PartyTom Fox – Conservative PartyJim Grieve – IndependentJennifer Kelly – Conservative PartyRich Maw – Labour PartySteve Siddons – Labour PartyCallam Walsh – Conservative PartyConnor Young – Labour Party

Whitby West Cliff Ward (two seats)Alf Abbott – Conservative PartyGraham Collinson – IndependentLee Derrick – The Yorkshire PartyHoward Green – Green PartyJonathan Harston – Liberal DemocratsKen Hordon – UK Independence Party (UKIP)John Nock – Conservative PartySue Tucker – Labour PartyMike Ward – Independent

Woodlands Ward (three seats)Bill Chatt – IndependentGareth Edmunds – Conservative PartyPhil Kershaw – IndependentAndy Leak – Labour PartyRichard Moody – Labour PartyChris Phillips – Green PartyPeter Popple – IndependentDenise Sangster – Labour PartyJack White – Conservative Party