Scarborough and Whitby General Election: 'Conservatives have run a very positive campaign'

Conservative Robert Goodwill has run "a very positive campaign," a Scarborough borough councillor has said.

Friday, 13th December 2019, 12:10 am
Updated Friday, 13th December 2019, 12:12 am

Councillor Heather Phillips (Con) is awaiting the results of today's election at the Spa where votes are in the process of being verified.

The exit poll released at 10pm, according to which the Conservative Party is going to win an overall majority, left her "pleasantly surprised".

She said: "The amount of effort we've put it will be reflected in tonight's result, we've been working very hard, we've communicated with a lot of people in the last five to six weeks and Robert (Goodwill) has run a very positive campaign. There's no value in denigrating the other candidates, they've all got the same right to be there as we have, it's just that this time the message has been very clear."

Verification at the Spa.

Cllr Phillips praised Health Secretary Matt Hancock's visit to Scarborough Hospital and the upcoming investment plans that will benefit hospital facilities in both Scarborough and Whitby.

However, should the Conservatives be as successful as the exit poll suggests, she admits it will also be because of Brexit.

"When you have a 62% leave constituency it has to be respected and the only party that will respect that result is the Conservative Party and that will hopefully be reflected in a few hours time."

The counting of the votes will begin once verification has concluded.