Poll: Oysters, disgusting or delicious?

Love or loathe?Love or loathe?
Love or loathe?
Morrisons in Scarborough is selling oysters at 25p each in an effort to encourage Brits to get in the mood for romance ahead of Valentine's Day, as a survey showed that 60 per cent of Brits have never tasted nature's most famous aphrodisiac.

The supermarket is pushing the salty mollusc because its own research has revealed that 40 per cent of Brits have never had the opportunity to taste an oyster.

Over one-in-ten. 12 per cent, would like to try an oyster but are put off by the price.

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Another 60 per cent are put off because they think they’ll dislike the taste and another one-in-five, 20 per cent, don’t know what to do with them. 21 per cent fear they won’t be able to open the tough shell.

The oyster’s aphrodisiac qualities are sought after by some shoppers with 14 per cent planning to cook with an aphrodisiac for a romantic night in.

The average cost of an oyster across the UK is £1.59. Oysters will be available at 25p each across Morrisons’ 492 stores nationwide until the 14th February.

To help first timers know what to do with their oyster, Morrisons’ fishmongers at 219 stores will lead oyster preparation classes.

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They will also shuck and prepare individual oysters, upon request.

Seafood Specialist Andrew Speight at Morrisons, said: “Morrisons is making this exclusive shellfish affordable, offering customers a taste of luxury for the average price of a pack of crisps.

Half of our British oysters end up being shipped abroad and we thought our customers might like more for themselves.”

The complete stock of oysters will be sourced from Scotland for the duration of the offer. The shellfish will be available either as a six-pack or as single oysters.