Priory One net 24th Bridlington Badminton League title

Champions Priory OneChampions Priory One
Champions Priory One
Priory One's mixed foursomes team have snapped up the Bridlington Badminton League title, the outfit's 24th championship in a row in the league.

This run includes 13 Manchester format titles, 10 levels and a mixed foursomes success.

Captain Paul Robinson has played in every Priory first team in the record-breaking championship-winning run and been captain for most of these season.

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He said: “It’s been an amazing journey, to win all these titles in a row is truly unbelievable and if somebody told me we would break records after our first Manchester title in 2005-2006 I would have told them they were having a laugh.”

Priory’s success has been recognised by the chief executive of Badminton England Adrian Christy, who has sent his congratulations to Robinson for their extraordinary season.

Yorkshire player Mike Reid, who is the relationship manager for Badminton England, also commented on Robinson’s captaincy, dedication and commitment to badminton.

Robinson said: “We have been blessed with good team players at Priory over the years, such as Nigel Fell, Jack Torbett, Henry Syson, Dan Gration, Steve Mitchell, Jo Robinson, Kate Manson, Stef Atkinson, Niall Howard and Craig Cockerill.

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Robinson added: “Players like Ross Holmes and Ian Kitching have played a part in Priory’s success in the early years with Steve Lawrence and Sue Height.

“We have had really good opponents over the years, some of the best include Ed Fox, Johnathan Main, Mike Reid, Andy Storey, CK Kew, Tia Lee, Justine Beadnall and Wendy Goode.

“Our success is down to us having a consistent team week in, week out.

“Also I know when to rotate players and we have a really good team spirit.

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“We are backed by the rest of our club. Priory is a well-run club our motto is whether you play for first team or fifth team you are treated with the same respect .

“Most players in the club want to play as high as standard as they can.

“I have always tried to be enthusiastic and lead by example as the captain of Priory One.

“Planning before matches, regarding your own team tactics and the opponents’, is also vital.”

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Robinson, who is 52 this summer, says he has probably only got two or three years left in the game and the legacy left by his captaincy will probably never be beaten by any club locally, which makes him so proud, but teams will be stronger next season, with top players like Alex Verda for High Fliers .

He added: “Priory have given players to other clubs to make the league more competitive and this will probably happen again as Priory want good opposition to play against.

“Priory will be competitive as long as I am captain but I know for a fact it will be harder for Priory 1 to win more titles, which can only be good for the league competition.

“I would just like to say well done to every player who has contributed to Priory first team’s success over the years. There are too many players to name but have been some brilliant memories.”

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Priory One’s first Manchester title in 2005-2006 was a really close battle, just beating Northcliffe to the title.

Robinson added: “Priory chairman Ady Cockerill is proud of his club and the club is forward thinking and open to all players of all standards.

“Cockerill has done a brilliant job as chairman promoting youth and encouraging new players.”