Retro 36 shop in Scarborough could become a cafe

Cuddly toys in the Retro 36 store in 2014.Cuddly toys in the Retro 36 store in 2014.
Cuddly toys in the Retro 36 store in 2014.
A vacant property in the heart of Scarborough could be brought back.

Jackson’s Property Service has lodged its own application to turn Retro 36, once one of Scarborough’s most iconic independent stores, into a cafe.

Retro 36, which actually covers 37-39 St Nicholas Street, is now under the management of the property company, which wants to turn it into a coffee house in order to pay bills.

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In a statement to Scarborough Council’s planning department, Norman Jackson states: “I am the landlord of the property… I seek merely a change of use in the premises to assist my quest to find a tenant, which is proving very difficult and I am having to pay the borough council the rates, which is proving increasingly difficult each month.”

Mr Jackson said the shop would sell coffee, cakes and cold sandwiches with no cooking carried out on the premises.