Scarborough classroom violence: Here's what the schools say

Graham SchoolGraham School
Graham School
A Scarborough News Freedom of Information request has uncovered the vioelnce in Scarborough's secondary schools.

The data, for 2013-March 2018, shows that Graham was the only school in Scarborough to have any children with an offensive weapon, as well as the highest number of assaults by other pupils. It called the police to school on more occasions than any other school.

The information was released by North Yorkshire Police. See the full story HERE

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George Pindar SchoolGeorge Pindar School
George Pindar School

Graham School: Headteacher Emma Robins said: “The vast majority of young people who attend Graham School have good relationships with their teachers and benefit from good teaching and learning.

“We are coming through a period of some turbulence.

“With new leadership in place we are working hard with all our partners – parents, the wider community, the county council and the Hope Learning Trust – to maintain and develop further a safe environment and enriching education for our young people.

“We are also working closely with North Yorkshire Police in developing a way forward for good community relations.”

Scalby SchoolScalby School
Scalby School

George Pindar School: Blake Murray, acting headteacher, said: “We continue to ensure that safeguarding practices are in place, that student safety and welfare is our first priority.

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“We continue to welcome support from external agencies to make sure this is a safe and supportive school in which children can thrive.”

Scalby School: Michael McCluskie, headteacher, said: “We challenge any behaviour that involves violence and the young people will be losing their place at this school if necessary.

“Looking through our records, of the nine incidents, we have never called the police to the school unless it has been something serious such as a stabbing or a life threatening incident. Of those nine incidents none was serious enough to get police involved.

St Augustine's SchoolSt Augustine's School
St Augustine's School

“With regard to the two incidents where police have been called it was myself who called them. Parents threatened violence to me and my staff. One parent threatened to ‘knock me out’ and another lady was physically aggressive to me and another parent."

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St Augustine's RC School: Headteacher Mark Taylor said: “Our requests for the police to be dispatched to school have all involved members of the public, who were behaving suspiciously outside of school during or at the end of the school day.

“We also had an incident a number of years ago where a group of pupils from another school came to school at the end of the day and ‘set about’ a boy from St Augustine’s. We called the police on this occasion too.”

Scarborough Sixth Form College has been contacted for a comment but did not respond.