Scarborough Engineering Week opens its doors to tomorrow's world

Scarborough Science and Engineering week is underwayScarborough Science and Engineering week is underway
Scarborough Science and Engineering week is underway
Scarborough Science and Engineering week got underway today, inspiring the area's young people with fascinating displays to capture the imagination.

The event, sponsored by Sirius Minerals and held at the Scarborough Spa, runs until Thursday, with a whole host of companies offering school pupils and students a chance to engage with science and technology and potentially consider a career in that area.

Vendors included McCains, the Royal Navy and Air Force, Dale Power Solutions and Scaroborough Tec, among others, who showed off and taught various skills, handed out goodies and demonstrated some of the technology that keeps their firms running.

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Jordan Powell, a student at Scarborough Tec, was helping out at the event, but got a feel for what he might like to do in the future.

He said: "It's good to be doing different things and see different things.

"I was previously at catering college, because my parents are both in that area, but this kind of thing caught my imagination. I'm not a gaming student at Scarborough Tec.

"I never thought about doing gaming, but I suppose more universities are offering it. Although I'd liked to have had the opportunity to have this sort of option available to me when I was younger."

The week runs until Thursday (11 October), with a Scarborough Science & Engineering Week 2018 Dinner taking place at the Spa tomorrow night.

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