Scarborough escort scandal: full interview

The woman at the centre of £1,000 per night escort scandal has spoken exclusively to the Scarborough News, saying she moved to the town for a better life and that Scarborough 'had been good' to her.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 29th January 2016, 4:04 pm
Updated Saturday, 30th January 2016, 11:44 pm
Sarah Tulip said she thought she was using a dating website
Sarah Tulip said she thought she was using a dating website

Sarah Tulip, 34, who asked to be known as Sarah May, denies advertising her services online as a pricey escort, after a Scarborough News investigation.

She had pleaded guilty in court to a late night drunken drama on St Nicholas Street on January 2, but said she could only afford £

5 a week from her benefits to pay off the court debts.

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Magistrates ordered her to pay £900 in fines at a cost of £5 per week, before our investigation revealed she was charging up to £1,000 per night on

Some of her clients described the encounters as “fun-filled” events “worth every penny”.

Speaking exclusively to the Scarborough News, Sarah admitted she used to sell sex when living in Chessington in Surrey, but turned her life around after moving to Scarborough in 2014.

She said: “I do respect myself - I wouldn’t dare sell myself - what for?

“When I was in court they understood, they know I’ve been a prostitute in the past.

“But I’ve turned my life around. I’ve come up to Scarborough to have a fresh start with my son.”

Sarah, of Northstead, said she signed up to because she had been single for three years and thought it was a “dating website”.

“When I found out I took the pictures off straight away. I wouldn’t dare do that. It’s something of the past for me.”

And despite the odd drunken run-in with the law, Sarah, who suffers with bipolar disorder and manic depression, says Scarborough has been good to her and that she loves living in Yorkshire.

“It’s lovely, I’ve made some really good friends. A lot of them have businesses like hairdressers and stuff - they’re gorgeous.”

She freely admits to having been frequently in trouble with the police, but blames mental health services for not providing her with enough support.

“It’s been really difficult. I’ve been sleeping on the floor for three months without a bed.

“If I’ve been making a grand a night, the first thing I would do would be to go buy a bed.

“You can’t see mental health. When you’re in a wheelchair, people know you have got a problem. All I’ve ever done is cope on my own.”

Sarah doesn’t live with her son but visits him regularly and says she loves nothing more than “taking him swimming and taking him to the park.”

She is urging people to be sympathetic and “not judge a book by its cover”.

“I’ve always been honest,” Sarah added, “The only reason why I’m crying and I’m hurt is because I want to protect my son.”