SCARBOROUGH FIRE: Alex Grant from Crofts Chocolates speaks about Newborough shop blaze

A Scarborough shop owner has spoken about the devastating impact of a fire which broke out in a neighbouring premises.

By Louise Perrin
Wednesday, 26th January 2022, 3:29 pm
Fire engines outside Crofts Chocolates on Tuesday night
Fire engines outside Crofts Chocolates on Tuesday night

Firefighters were called to attend a store room fire at Little Martin Crafts, on Newborough, on Tuesday night.

The fire was located in the ground floor souvenir shop which has flats above. Crews gained entry into the shop and extinguished the fire which was in a rear store room.

Alex Grant, of Crofts Chocolates, next door to Little Martin Crafts, said: “My son texted me at about half past seven saying there were four fire engines outside our shop.

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The fire caught hold in the store room of a neighbouring souvenir shop

“We've had that a few times in the past with false alarms so I just ignored it.

“Then about half an hour later my wife told me about a Facebook post about a fire, and someone commented that the chocolate shop door has had to be broken into!

“That's when I rushed down and I was there until about 11pm waiting for the door to be boarded up.

“The fire was in the shop next door but they had to break our door open to let smoke out.

Fire engines came from across the area

“ No-one was hurt but all of our stock needs remaking."

“To be honest the shop isn’t in bad condition, there’s just smoke damage for us.

“We are going to have to empty it and redecorate and clean everything.

“It’s going to be a pain. We’ll be closed for a few weeks possibly and have to wait for new chocolates to be made.”

Fire crews had to break down the door to release the smoke.

Mr Grant said that it’s early days, but if he is able to get new stock ready then he may be able to set up a temporary shop in his new premises on St John’s Road.