Scarborough firefighters respond to reports of blaze – but caller had confused sea fret for 'smoke'

Firefighters in Scarborough were in for a surprise after they were called to a 'fire' yesterday evening.

Emergency crews were called to St Michael's Lane in Scarborough at 8.08pm on Monday May 16 after reports of a fire in the open.

On arrival, firefighters determined that there were no flames to put out – the incident was a false alarm made with good intent – and that the caller had confused sea fret or coastal fog for 'smoke'.

Sea fret is a coastal fog that is common on the east coast of the UK during the spring and summer months, as the North Sea is so cold.

Firefighters were called to a false alarm after 'smoke' was spotted.

When a pocket of warm air passes over the freezing sea, the moisture in the air begins to condense. The air in the pocket then starts to cool down and forms fog.

Earlier the same evening, firefighters were called to Sandsend, near Whitby, at 6.24pm after a two-year-old boy had become stuck in a bathroom due to a security latch.

Crews safely released the toddler, unharmed, using a hooligan tool.