Scarborough man's fury at 'inconsiderate' motor home owners

A Scarborough man has hit out at 'inconsiderate' motor home owners, calling on them to act considerately to others and not commandeer the best positions in public areas in the town.

Monday, 26th November 2018, 3:44 pm
Updated Monday, 26th November 2018, 3:45 pm
Motor homes in the council-run car park next to the Sea Life Centre.

William Lythgoe, of High Mill Drive, counted 31 motor homes of varying sizes which were camped overnight for free on the Scarborough Borough Council-run car park next to the Sea Life Centre, a week last Sunday.

The council has covered the parking metre as there are no charges from November 1 until March 1 next year on this site.

Motor homes in the council-run car park next to the Sea Life Centre.

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Mr Lythgoe, himself a motor home owner, told the Scarborough News: “The first two parking rows closest to the coastline were filled, every other parking lot, with mostly large motor homes which meant that it was more or less impossible for a car to be parked between and the occupants to get out of their car.

“I feel that these motor home owners are abusing the public parking facilities and as a Scarborough council tax payer, I through my Council Tax, are subsidising their free sea view parking.

“There are many organisations that run rallies all the year around for groups of motor home users who wish to camp together.

“If Gypsies were found to be parking on a popular public car park they would soon be moved on.”

Mr Lythgoe said some motor home abusers claimed that they were spending money at local businesses.

“I and my wife Jennifer called in to the Scalby Mills Public house adjacent to the car park which does serve evening meals, the public house was nearly empty,” he said.

“There were many motor homes on the car park with lights and their televisions on, obviously not using the local facility except for the convenience of free parking, promenade lighting and sea view.

“I am a motor home owner myself, but I do feel motor home owners should act responsibility and have consideration for other people who visit the area, and not commandeer the best positions in public areas.”