Scarborough proving a hit in Channel 5 TV show

Scarborough has been proving a hit on screens across the nation thanks to a new TV show.

Monday, 24th May 2021, 12:18 pm
Updated Monday, 24th May 2021, 3:43 pm

Bargain Loving Brits by the Sea has been sharing the delights of the town with the rest of the country every Sunday night on Channel 5.

Miles Jackson who owns three Scarborough stores including The Scarborough Joke Shop on Eastborough, features in several episodes and says the programme has proved a huge boost to his businesses and the rest of the town.

Their quirky novelty seagull-flavoured rock has been particularly popular since featuring on the show.

Miles Jackson with Mum Dawn who runs the store with the special seagull-flavoured rock.

“When I went on social media the next day, everyone was talking about it,” he said.

“People have been coming into the shop to buy the rock after seeing it on TV.

"It's been great for us and the whole of Scarborough."

He said the show has made a local celebrity of his 74-year-old mother Dawn, who has been selling seaside momentos for nearly 40 years and is described by the programme as “seaside royalty”.

The Harbourside Gift Shop..Miles Jackson samples his special seagull-flavoured rock.

“People have been coming in and recognising her,” he said.

One episode includes the two of them testing out a new product for their stores - exploding golf balls.

Filmed last summer, the show is about bargain-loving Brits visiting Britain's favourite holiday resorts.

The second episode includes a glowing testimonial from a Midlands couple who during their first trip to the town say they have enjoyed the beauty of the area and its “fantastic value for money”.

They are so blown away by their holiday, they even decide they want to retire to Scarborough.

The show also features the town’s famous Harbour Bar as well as Rudi Barman, who runs Scarborough’s Terror Tower and a speedboat attraction in South Bay.

He said: “We did two days of filming with them.

“Anything that shows Scarborough in the sunshine and people enjoying themselves is good and hopefully will be good for many businesses.”

Miles said Channel 5 have told him the programme has been attracting an average of 1.3m viewers each episode and there are talks of a second series.

Episode six of Bargain Loving Brits By the Sea will be shown on Channel 5 on Sunday at 8pm. Previous episodes are available to watch online on My 5.