Scarborough residents criticise plans to relocate the town's main Post Office

People in Scarborough have been expressing their concerns over the possible closure of the town's main Post Office.

Wednesday, 17th October 2018, 9:16 am
Updated Wednesday, 17th October 2018, 9:23 am
Scarborough's main Post Office on Aberdeen Walk

After it was announced that the post office on Aberdeen Walk might relocate inside WH Smith as early as 2019, some residents have criticised the move, telling The Scarborough News that it would be "ridiculous".

Barbara Mann said: “It’s a disgrace, the post office is always busy, there’s people queuing all the time.

“It’s ridiculous.”

Marion and Brian Pimperton added: “How can they move a space like this into WH Smith? It’s going to be crowded and congested.”

“They should keep it”, said Sue Slubley. “You can’t complain that people don’t use the high street if there’s nothing left.”

Concerns were also raised over what would happen to the building, should the post office be forced to relocate.

Gwen Moss said: “It’s a big building, how would they keep it going?”

“It’s just going to leave an empty building,” added Michael Sampson. “You see it in other town centres that things are closing down and there’s only empty buildings left.”

Scarborough and Whitby MP Robert Goodwill, who is aware of the cooperation between Post Office and WH Smith, has shown optimism towards the plan adding that he would rather see the post office relocate than close down.

He said: “This process is happening up and down the country and I heard from some of my colleagues that were also worried and sceptical that it’s actually an improvement so I don’t think it’s something that we should be frightened of.

“WH Smith is a trusted, well-known retailer that we all use and relocating the post office in the store will not only mean longer opening hours but it will also guarantee the future of WH Smith in town so I’m hopeful it will be a win win."

When asked about concerns of congestion in the store, Mr Goodwill added: “I assume that WH Smith will be aware of the level of customer usage and that they’ll make sure they know how to handle the number of customers that will use the post office. I’d like to see shorter queues.”

Plans to move post office services inside WH Smith are part of a franchise arrangement that will affect a total of 40 post offices.

A final decision on the future of the one in Scarborough is subjected to a six-week public consultation period.