Scarborough residents offered discounted compost bins for International Compost Awareness Week

North Yorkshire residents are being offered discounted compost bins to help them to go green while making their gardens thrive.

North Yorkshire County Council volunteer co-ordinator Jeff Coates with a compost bin.
North Yorkshire County Council volunteer co-ordinator Jeff Coates with a compost bin.

The offer celebrates International Compost Awareness Week, which runs from May 1 to May 7.

Discounted compost bins can be bought for £12 or £15, and there is a buy one get one half-price offer. The larger £15 bins are also on sale at household waste recycling centres at Malton, Northallerton, Seamer Carr, Selby, Skipton, West Harrogate and Whitby, though there is no buy one get one half-price deal at the centres.

Michael Leah, North Yorkshire County Council’s Assistant Director Travel, Environmental and Countryside, said: “Composting has countless benefits, and spring is the perfect time to get started. We have linked up with to offer home delivery of compost bins at the subsidised prices. This is the perfect opportunity to team up with a friend or neighbour to save money, too.

“Composting simply involves recycling your plant and food waste, along with other organic materials, such as grass cuttings, unwanted plants, organic kitchen waste such as fruit and vegetable peelings, tea bags, coffee grounds and even the contents of your vacuum. Together, these will naturally decompose in our compost bins to produce a mixture rich in nutrients to feed your soil and nourish your garden. It really is that simple, and it’s a great way to minimise waste in your household.”

The county council has also partnered with Great Green Systems to offer deals on food waste digesters and hot compost bins. These will take cooked food waste and meat scraps, which could help to eliminate food waste from your rubbish.

North Yorkshire residents can get up to 40 per cent off online.