Scarborough RNLI and coastguard search for vessel in distress

Scarborough RNLI and the coastguard helicopter searched for a vessel in distress last night.

By Corinne Macdonald
Wednesday, 6th October 2021, 12:33 pm
The lifeboat being recovered. (RNLI)
The lifeboat being recovered. (RNLI)

The joint operation was triggered by an emergency locator beacon, whose signal was picked up by the coastguard.

This triggered the deployment of the RNLI all-weather Shannon lifeboat and coastguard helicopter.

They searched an area off Cayton bay. However, the signal abruptly ceased and the emergency services were stood down.

The tide was high, with insufficient room on the beach to land the Shannon so it was moored in the harbour for a couple of hours before being rehoused.

The emergency position-indicating radio beacon (EPIRB) is a portable, battery-powered radio transmitter used in emergencies to locate planes, vessels and people in distress and in need of immediate rescue.

In an emergency, such as a ship sinking or a plane crashing, the device is activated and begins transmitting a continuous radio signal which is used by search-and-rescue teams to quickly locate the emergency and render aid.