Scarborough shopkeepers back 'Love Your High Street' campaign

Westborough, ScarboroughWestborough, Scarborough
Westborough, Scarborough
Scarborough shopkeepers have spoken of the importance of spending money in the high street, and backed our campaign.

Hannah Baker runs The Wedding Room, a bridal boutique in Bar Street.

She said: “If people keep saying ‘oh I can find this cheaper online’ there would be no-one left, that’s what people don’t understand. If you don’t leave your house and you buy stuff from websites like Amazon or eBay you’re supporting million-dollar companies. They don’t need all that. But if you buy from places like us you’re keeping people in jobs. We have five staff here, they have mortgages, they have children. We all need these jobs.”

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Michael Heaton from Mrs Lofthouse's Second Hand Book EmporiumMichael Heaton from Mrs Lofthouse's Second Hand Book Emporium
Michael Heaton from Mrs Lofthouse's Second Hand Book Emporium

The same strong feelings are shared by Gekoglass owner Lindsay Broddle who runs a marble shop in the market.

She said: “The horrible phrase of ‘the death of the high street’ is used all the time and we don’t think there’s a death of the high street. We think that people can’t be bothered, they can just press ‘go’ on the internet and it’s posted to them without having to leave the house. I’m just as guilty sometimes but I think we all have a responsibility to put our coats on and go into town, even if it’s just once a month and even if you just spend a fiver.”

But apart from the economic benefits brought to the town and its residents, there is another aspect promoted by shopping locally.

“It’s the social side of it,” explained Michael Heaton, owner of Mrs Lofthouse’s Second Hand Book Emporium on Queen Street. “It’s nice when people come in and have a little natter, it becomes more personal and you can’t do that online.”

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Summing up why it is important to put your money where your mouth is, Janet Jefferson, President of Scarborough Chamber of Trade and Commerce, said: “It’s good for our economy, it’s good for employment, it’s good to keep our town centre alive and buzzing all the year round.

“The slogan really is ‘use it or lose it’.”

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