Scarborough's own Monopoly is on sale - here's how you could get one for free

The box, board and playing tokensThe box, board and playing tokens
The box, board and playing tokens
It’s finally on sale – Scarborough’s own version of the classic board game Monopoly !

Last October The Scarborough News revealed that the town was to get its own Monopoly, with many of our landmark places and buildings featured on the board and the cards.

The game is now available from major retailers around the town and online including Amazon. BUY A COPY of this week's The Scarborough News and you can enter a competition to win one.

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The makers, Winning Moves UK, have created the unique edition under official licence from Monopoly owners Hasbro Inc.

Each of the well-known spaces on the board is taken over by key Scarborough landmarks. Boyes, Oliver’s Mount, Foreshore Road, Sea Life and Scarborough Castle all feature, as does The Scarborough News.

The Community Chest and Chance cards also have a Scarborough makeover, and the metal playing tokens feature bespoke summer holiday icons, such as sunglasses, icecream, suitcase and flipflop.

Late last year, readers of The Scarborough News were invited to send their suggestions to Winning Moves as to what should appear on the board.

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The company said the response was “brilliant” and the list was headed by the Spa, Peasholm Park and the castle. Also voted into the top 10 was the Futurist Theatre – which obviously didn’t make it on to the board!

Ben Thompson, Custom Games Executive from Winning Moves UK, said: “We’ve been completely spoilt for choice when looking at landmarks to fill up the board. The best 28 places around Scarborough are immortalised forever on a Scarborough Monopoly board.”

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