Seal pup attacked by dog at Hunmanby Gap

The injured pup.The injured pup.
The injured pup. | ugc
A seal pup has been rescued after being attacked by a dog at Hunmanby Gap.

Rescue charity British Divers Marine Life Rescue were called out to the incident after being alerted by a member of the public on Friday December 13.

Marine Mammal Medics were dispatched to the scene to locate the seal and assess the injuries sustained.

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Marine Mammal Medic, Matt Barnes, explained: “We soon came across a recently weaned, underweight and bloodied Grey Seal pup weighing only 13 kilos with puncture wounds to his head and rear flipper surrounded by sand disturbed by dog pawprints.”

The seal pup was found at Hunmanby Gap.The seal pup was found at Hunmanby Gap.
The seal pup was found at Hunmanby Gap. | ugc

Due to the seriousness of the young seal’s condition the pup was uplifted, assessed and given first aid treatment before an onward journey to a rehabilitation centre where it is hoped the male pup will make a full recovery.

Matt added: “Grey seals are currently pupping along the Yorkshire coast and have a hard time with mortality rates at around 50% during their first year, this is reduced further when the risks posed by marine litter and disturbance from people and dogs are factored in.”

The BDMLR urges all dog owners to familiarise themselves with local beaches and avoid those frequented by seals to minimise disturbance. Having dogs under close control will help to avoid future negative wildlife interactions such as these.

Anyone who comes across marine mammals who may be injured or in need of assistance is asked to contact the charity's rescue hotline number on 01825 765546.