Set up chosen feeding sites to solve gull problem

Scarborough beach litter.Scarborough beach litter.
Scarborough beach litter.
Having visited Scarborough a few weeks ago, I sadly noticed all the waste food containers with waste food being left on the beach by holidaymakers, causing both flies, litter and gulls.

These are probably the very people who complain about the seabirds scavenging. Gulls are opportunists, they have been robbed of most of their natural food by our greed of taking even the smallest fish from the ocean. What do we expect them to do? They are programmed to survive.

I have thought of an idea which may solve the problem for the birds, the holidaymakers and the local people.

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Could we not identify a site well away from the crowds, shoppers and food outlets, and purposely leave suitable leftover food for the gulls? It would take them no time to identify these easy titbits and therefore they would be far less inclined to annoy passersby.

We would also need to erect a few serious signs asking people to drop their food litter in certain bins readily available. Surely we cannot allow this littering to continue?

P Ward

Darwin Road, Bridlington

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