Shear bliss for a tucked away lunchtime treat

Rusty Shears, Silver Street, Whitby

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 20th September 2018, 3:00 pm
Rusty Shears, Whitby

A beautiful late summer’s walk through town – the last as a family before we headed back to school and work – offered us an impromptu lunch opportunity at Rusty Shears.

Although sounding more like a backstreet barbers, this is a cafe / restaurant boasting a lovely little courtyard suntrap, while the business is also renowned for being a bit of a mecca for gin connoisseurs, although it was doing gin long before the drink entered its current trend.

Although only a stone’s throw from the centre of town, Rusty Shears is still nicely tucked away so you can enjoy a quality lunch or tea without feeling overwhlemed by hundreds of visitors. As if the gin menu isn’t enough, there are a surprising variety of teas. I tried the plum and cinnamon, which was a bit different but quite refreshing.

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One thing I like about Rusty Shears is that you almost certainly have to walk past the refrigerated cake display before taking your seat at the table – which in my case meant I had chosen my dessert long before I looked at anything else.

You will certainly not be spoilt for choice here; on top of the lunchtime sandwiches, salads, pastries etc, there is also a specials board from which I picked the tart of the day – Leek and Applewood, which came with salad, couscous and potato salad. It was lovely, with the cheese offering a subtle flavour.

My wife Emma went for her usual – wild garlic mushrooms – a case of better the devil you know. Our son Jordan enjoyed his ham and cheese bagel while our daughter Ashleigh was very amused with the child’s bap which came topped with salad arranged in a funny face.

Now as I mentioned earlier, when at Rusty Shears, you must have a cake – it’s the law. Anyone who likes cake will have trouble narrowing down the options, but the carrot cake with its thick, creamy topping caught my eye and was every bit as moist as it looked.

Emma had the key lime pie while Jordan made sure he had left enough room to devour a chocolate brownie.

All in all, we recommend Rusty Shears for lunch.