Spook hunter claims he’s found Liz Taylor’s ghost

A Scarborough spook hunter claims to have found Elizabeth Taylor’s ghost.

Thursday, 27th August 2015, 10:05 am
A man named Gypsy Boy claims he's found Liz Taylor's ghost

Both Taylor and fellow film icon Vivien Leigh breathed on clairvoyant Micky Vermooch’s neck - while Wallis Simpson enjoyed a dance.

The spooky scenes apparently unfolded inside the home James Bond, Pinewood Studios, while the latest spy film - ironically titled Spectre - was being shot.

Micky, 63, nicknamed “Gypsy Boy” was brought there to film a pilot for a TV show called “My Big Fat Gypsy Psychic”.

“I had no idea where I was being taken to do the paranormal investigation,” said the Scarborough psychic.

“The spirits were coming through thick and fast, one after the other. It’s like they can’t bear to leave the place.”

Among the late A-listers he encountered during filming were:

• Liz Taylor running down some stairs.

• Vivien Leigh’s grumpy ghost, who complained about her painting having been removed, before the sprite suffered a panic attack.

• A stocky man resembling Winston Churchill, although Gypsy Boy couldn’t be sure.

It’s not known why Taylor had picked the studio as her residence for the afterlife, especially as she died 10,000 miles away in Hollywood.

But the studio has hosted a plethora of Hollywood stars over the years, with some of the biggest names in acting having filmed there.

It was also famously where the Carry On! films were shot.

However Mr Vermooch didn’t encounter Hattie Jacques.

But his spooky sightings may have done enough to land him his own TV show.

“I’m a born sceptic but what Gypsy Boy said and did was wonderful,” said director Ike Khan.

“He also spoke of a distraught maid at the turn of the century who had hanged herself from a first floor window because she was pregnant.

“We knew about that beforehand, but it was superb that he picked up on that.

“I must say I am more of a believer now after ever.”

Born inside a caravan to Romany parents, Mr Vermooch has earned a reputation as one of the borough’s most popular psychics.

He has worked in local and national spiritualist churches all his life. Film crew member Paul Skye said: “I’m a great believer in the paranormal.

“All day prior to starting filming I’d had Vivien Leigh in my head so it was no surprise when Gypsy Boy mentioned her.

“It was icy cold on the gallery a sign that ghosts are about.

“I do believe it was Vivien Leigh making herself known.”

Gypsy Boy also talked about the RAF making propaganda films there during the run up to the war, and claimed he could ‘see’ men in uniform in the building.

The studio had been used to film propaganda films prior to the start of the Second World War.

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