Star Carr site given stamp of approval

The Star Carr stamp costs £1.05.The Star Carr stamp costs £1.05.
The Star Carr stamp costs £1.05.
The famous Star Carr archaeological site at Seamer is receiving some first class national recognition.

The Mesolithic area has been honoured as part of Royal Mail’s release of eight stamps featuring some of the most inspiring objects and atmospheric prehistory sites across the UK.

Star Carr is regarded as the most important and informative Mesolithic site in Great Britain.

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Items excavated from the site are on show at the Rotunda Museum, Yorkshire Museum and the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Cambridge.

The set of stamps explore how people lived in prehistoric times and depict iconic sites as well as some of the most exceptional artefacts from around Britain.

Illustrated by London-based artist Rebecca Strickson, the stamps have been designed as overlay illustrations, detailing how people lived and worked at these sites and used the objects.

Royal Mail will provide a special postmark on all mail posted in a postbox close to where a site is located or where an artefact was found until Saturday 21 January.

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Philip Parker, stamp strategy manager at Royal Mail, said: “These new stamps explore some of these treasures and give us a glimpse of everyday life in prehistoric Britain, from the culture of ancient ritual and music making to sophisticated metalworking and the building of huge hill forts.”

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