That's the final straw: Scarborough mum's plastic changes

Inspired to make changes for the benefit of the environment, one mum says she wishes she moved away from plastic straws years ago.

Monday, 12th March 2018, 1:53 pm
Updated Monday, 12th March 2018, 1:55 pm
Clare Daglish and mum Ali Wilkins with the new silicone straws. 180915a

Ali Wilkins’s daughter, Clare Daglish, is disabled and can only drink through a straw.

For years Ali has used plastic straws for her daughter which can damage the top of the 36-year-old’s mouth.

But following national calls for people to cut down on use of single-use plastics, especially plastic straws, Ali decided to make a difference and changed to silicone straws four weeks ago.

She said: “The silicone straws are brilliant. They are gentle on her mouth - the plastic ones were sharp and sometimes damaged the roof of her mouth.”

The Marine Conservation Society has estimated that the UK uses 8.5 billion straws every year. Straws are among the top 10 items found in beach clean-ups nationally.

Silicone straws are reusable and can even be cleaned in a dishwasher.

Ali added: “Not only are they saving us using plastic but they are more cost-effective. They are under £1 each and can be purchased in packs of 6 on eBay. I hope that others in the same situation as us start using them.

“I wish I’d found them years ago when silicone was first about. It’s made such a big difference. Clare took to them straight away so it’s also been a benefit to her.”

•As part of our campaign, we are speaking to people who are making changes away from plastic. What have you done? Email [email protected]