The strangest and most unusual UFO sightings in Yorkshire

Numerous places around the UK have had multiple UFO sightings over the past few years and with Yorkshire seeing more and more apparent sightings, it now believed that Yorkshire is the top place in the country to see UFOs.

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Thursday, 5th April 2018, 4:33 pm
Updated Friday, 6th April 2018, 10:21 am
There have been many reported UFO sightings in Yorkshire over the past 70 years
There have been many reported UFO sightings in Yorkshire over the past 70 years

The white rose county has made over 840 reports since 2008, making it one of the top places to see one of the unidentified flying objects.

There have been many sightings of UFOs in Yorkshire, especially from the middle of the 20th century onwards, but which of these were the most renowned sightings?

British Meteor aircraft encountered a UFO near Topcliffe, 1952

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There have been many reported UFO sightings in Yorkshire over the past 70 years

On September 19, 1952, at around 11 am, it is believed that a silver disc-shaped object followed a Gloster Meteor which was returning to RAF Topcliffe. Observers on the ground stated that it rotated whilst hovering, before travelling in a westerly direction and a very high speed.

This sighting is now associated with ‘Operation Mainbrace’, which was a large scale naval operation which attracted the attention of multiple UFOs, the one being seen at Topcliffe being just one of many UFO sightings from September 14-25.

A UFO was found on Silpho Moor, Scarborough, 1957

In 1957, it was reported that a small ‘copper-bottomed flying saucer’, believed to be around 18 inches, was found on Silpho Moor, near Scarborough.

Yorkshire is the top place in the UK for UFO sightings

This evidence being part of a UFO was widely controversial and disputed, with many believing the copper parts originated from earth.

However, these mysterious findings, which reports suggested contained thin copper sheets which were engraved with hieroglyphics, sparked wide intrigue.

These shards were recently found in the Science Museum archives and were then re-examined after archivists were told of their past significance.

Aliens abducted a police offer in Todmorden, West Yorkshire, 1980

There have been many reported UFO sightings in Yorkshire over the past 70 years

On November, 1980 at approximately 5 am, Alan Godfrey, a then on-duty police officer, claims that he was abducted by an alien spacecraft.

The incident is said to have taken place in Todmorden, West Yorkshire, where a strange brightly-lit object was said to have been spotted by other police officers around the same area at the same time.

Mr Godfrey was on patrol in Todmorden when he saw what he believes to have been a large UFO whilst he was out searching for missing cattle.

He reported this incident to senior officers after he lost time due to this believed abduction by aliens and 38 years later, Mr Godfrey insists more than ever that this abduction took place.

Yorkshire is the top place in the UK for UFO sightings

Military scoured Wilsthorpe beach after multiple UFO sightings, East Yorkshire, 2009

After a large number of witnesses reported seeing strange lights, odd-shaped aircrafts, a UFO entering the sea and the appearance of a UFO which caused cars to grind to a halt.

This mixture of bizarre events took place along a 25-mile stretch of both the East Yorkshire and North Yorkshire coast between May and September 2009.

This resulted in two Chinook helicopters made up of RAF personnel landing at Wilsthorpe beach, East Yorkshire, on September 15 2009.

It was said the military men had what looked like metal detectors, which they were sweeping up and down beach."

The mysterious military activity associated to these apparent UFO sightings branded this event as Britain's new Roswell, Roswell being a highly controversial UFO case said to have taken place in America in 1947.

Multiple UFO sightings in Rothwell, West Yorkshire, 2002-2017

Over the past decade and a half, the West Yorkshire town of Rothwell has seen an increase in reported UFO sightings.

On December 16 2002, a variety of objects were spotted in the sky, this consisting of large, long and thinly shaped objects which joined together and soared through the sky.

One of the most recent sightings was on January 9 2017 when a dog walker spotted a group of white lights which had three red lights attached, with the aircraft moving slowly from north east to south east.

A police officer witnessed a UFO in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, 2016

In 2016, a retired police officer claims he saw a UFO over Holmfirth, West Yorkshire after he reportedly saw a triangular-shaped aircraft which glowed bright green in the dark, night sky.

The man took a closer look through binoculars, before reporting it to a Scholes-based UFO investigator, who then went and filmed what he also believed to be the same UFO.

Stargazers saw a UFO in the Yorkshire Dales, 2017

The most recent well-known UFO sighting in Yorkshire was in September 2017. Two young stargazers saw a strange-looking orange object which moved around the sky for over two hours.

This event took place near the Ribblehead railway viaduct in the Yorkshire Dales, with the Yorkshire Dales being a place which has had numerous UFO sightings during the past decade.