The worst thing about Bridlington town centre - this is what people are saying

The Free Press' Town Centre Survey is up and running, trying to get the public's opinions on what is needed.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 11th January 2019, 11:54 am
Updated Friday, 11th January 2019, 12:54 pm
Bridlington town centre
Bridlington town centre

We have launched the survey, which you can complete here, asking about what people would like to see added and what are the main problems.

Hundreds of readers have already filled in the 22 questions - and here are 10 of the answers to our question 'what is the worst thing about Bridlington town centre?'.

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* Poor choice, lack of stores, rent way to high on stores, which means local self-employed people who would like to maybe open a shop can't afford to cover costs of rent and make a profit

* For me, its the dreary look and emptiness of the whole place. Just walking around the main streets, apart from Chapel Street, everywhere looks dull and unappealing, whereas places like Beverley, which is similar in size, have a visually appealing town centre.

* Empty building and degeneration of existing properties... all old and weathered.

* Derelict properties, empty shops, poor variety of shops, dirty streets, graffiti, homeless people with nowhere to go, people drinking and displaying anti-social behaviour,

* Parts of it do not look like a great little seaside town. Cleanliness is an issue

* It does not have its own identity, no wow factor

* The fact that little seems to be done to revitalise the town other than tearing down some old buildings and widening a road.

* Rubbish, empty shops, no plant life, inadequate parking, over zealous parking wardens and a crazy road system.

* People smoking, dog mess, cheap shops full of tat, shops/cafes stuck in 1950 don’t accept card payments! Shops close so early they are only any good for people who don’t work

* I have three children and have to go out of town to get what I need for them as the town has nothing to offer other than take away shops and second hand shops